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We will have selected reviews and you will also be able to write and post your own review. You may also write a review at the publishers site where "Your Loved Ones" may be purchased.

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"I Am... Nuturing Affirmations for Myself," by Rita Gau, Authorhouse 2007, 119 pages
This slim classic of positive affirmations is the result of the author's own personal triumphs over personal adversity. Broken down into five sections on; Spiritual, Relationships, Financial Abundance, Health, and Work, it covers the gamut of challenges that most people face and could use personal affirmations to work through. The genuineness of the author's description of her own struggles and successes and the short, to-the-point nature of the affirmations, makes this book a valuable resource for anyone serious about improving his or her own life. Recommended!
To purchase this helpful book or learn more about it, visit the Author House Bookstore.

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