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Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within

Published by Infinity Publishing, 2007

Media Kit

You may email Wil using the contact form. I answer my email very quickly so please just leave contact information and I will contact you promptly.

Your Loved Ones, Your Self, by Wil Langford Your Loved Ones, Your Self, back cover

The latest press releases and information for all media. Please use the contact info to speak directly with Wil. The pictures may be copied from this page for media stories and other related information and promotional purposes. Press releases may be copied and reprinted along with information on upcoming appearances.

I have prepared a list of suggestions for interview topics for Radio and Television or Print Media.

My goal for each interview is to entertain and inform your listeners/readers/viewers. My interviews include useful information that people can apply to their own lives as well as humorous stories about myself and my adventures as a consciousness explorer, therapist, and parent.

Press Release (for immediate release June 19, 2007)
Newport, MAINE -- Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do or feel the way you feel? In "Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within," (Infinity Publishing 2007), local therapist and author, Wil Langford, reveals the hidden parts of consciousness within each human being. Drawing upon his experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and consciousness explorer, Wil has written a guide to the parts of human consciousness that will help readers to understand their inner urges and desires and improve communication with others.

"Each human being has three major parts to his or her consciousness, mind, spirit," Wil explains. "Those parts need to communicate and evolve similarly to how a family needs to grow and evolve, with each member at a different level of maturity and experience. There are millions of sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, and confused people out there who have an inner struggle because the different parts of their mind are not communicating and in agreement with the rest of the parts, just like a dysfunctional family.

They need to know they have hidden parts of their own consciousness that are causing their drives and subconscious urges that create the circumstances in their lives. "Your Loved Ones, Your Self" will improve their self-knowledge, relationships, communication with their own parts as well as with their loved ones.

Wil gives examples from the Bible, ancient religions, and science, as well as anecdotal evidence from his many hypnosis clients and personal life experiences. Some of his revelations may be considered controversial or even inflammatory, but the personable and gentle writing style reveal a loving guide and father sharing his life experience and considerable spiritual wisdom. "Your Loved Ones, Your Self" may be purchased online at ( and more information may be found at

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