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Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within

Published by Infinity Publishing, 2007

Wil talks about "Your Loved Ones, Your Self"...

The surprising insights I have gained, into religion and psychology, have revealed secrets that shatter old myths and beliefs.

The meaning of life, the purpose of your own life, and the meaning and purpose for the human race are mysteries that have puzzled humans for thousands of years, but clues are available in an ancient religion, quantum physics, philosophy, energy therapy, and modern clinical hypnosis. Each of these human endeavors can shed light on the most important questions we will ever have to answer and combining the messages in each can illuminate the answers. For each person who sees this light and finds the answers for him or herself there is an inner peace and confidence that the individual and the human race are desperately seeking right now. Learning how to deal with your own puzzling self and the selves of your loved ones will help to improve your life on several levels. There are times when we all ask ourselves, "Why did I do that or say that?", "Why did he or she do that?" Understanding that each person has a collection of parts that make up the whole person and that the human race shares a consciousness made of the same parts will help you answer those questions.

Have you ever wished you could go deep inside yourself and talk to the parts of you that make you do the things you do and feel the way you do and to have them answer questions that have haunted you for a long time? You can. Throughout the answers you will find that Love plays all the major roles, in fact, in a surprising way it is the very reason we are here and what we are. Who are your loved ones? How well do you know them? Does it seem at times that a loved one is actually a collection of parts that are sometimes at odds among and within him or her? How well do you know yourself? Have you ever wondered why you did something or how you got where you are today? Understanding the different parts of each self and how they interact within each of us and between us will help you to find peace and to grow. If you get nothing else from this book I would like you to know this, first, you are Love, walking, talking, thinking, feeling Love. Once you understand exactly what I mean by that and how that Love comes to life in each part of consciousness you will be able to tell which part of the human psyche you are dealing with and what to expect from it.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I encountered parts of the human psyche when working with my clients to uncover hidden motivations. Through an understanding of those parts, using dialogue and abreacting, they managed to help to resolve issues that were causing problems that seemed beyond their control. Many were amazed when they found the part of their inner self that was causing the behavior and dealt with that part. As the facilitator of those sessions I actually talked to the parts and they talked to me and I met the inner self and got a view that few are ever priviledged to see. Through biofeedback I helped clients to identify and deal with repressed emotions and thoughts and using energy therapy I have helped to clear blockages caused by trauma and pain. The human psyche and consciousness are extremely complex and I don't claim to have all the answers, but through my experiences I have gained insight and knowledge.

The sciences, philosophy, religion, and clinical hypnotherapy can guide us toward a better understanding, but please understand that this book is my perception of consciousness. It is an eclectic collection of experiences and studies to find a solution to the questions of who we are and what the purpose and meaning of life may be and it is all seen through my eyes. My clinical and metaphysical experiences have taught me and revealed to me that what we can grasp is that there are two force fields that have created everything including us and those force fields use consciousness as their medium. This is a shift in thinking from most views that hold that consciousness is all there is so therefore God is consciousness. Our real creators are those two forces, coming together and projecting us into this world. I call them "Our Loved Ones." As I mentioned above, every one of us is a collection of parts and those parts are made of consciousness. In fact, it seems that everything in our world is made of consciousness because consciousness is all a human mind can understand, but that doesn't mean that consciousness is all there is period, only that consciousness is all that we can perceive with the human mind. There is more to a creator that can create this universe and another domain that I reveal in my book than our human minds can easily grasp. That means that God is inscrurtable. We have a limited view.

That reminds me of a person sailing out into the ocean and once they are out of sight of land saying, "Well if water is all I can see I guess everything must be made of water." Just for once think of consciousness as a medium and part of the process, but not all of it, allow yourself the freedom of thinking that the true nature of God is inscrutable, but there is another god and goddess hidden within our own consciousness who stretch the limits of human understanding and that is as far as we have to go. How I discovered these hidden parts of each person, how it was revelaed to me is an amazing part of the story of parts. For the rest of your life working with that god and goddess, the two parts of your higher self, will be all that is necessary and believe me, that will be enough of a challenge. The notion of consciousness being all there is and that our limited human minds can envelope all of creation and anything that might possibly exist is comforting. But to think that we can know God fully and have everything figured out with a simplistic explanation that gives us comfort is childish and defies the very nature of the true spiritual experience. What part does faith play in saying, "I know how the earth and universe were created and I know God's true nature and have figured everything out?" The need to say that and feel that way is based on fear, not faith or trust or even the rational mind that is part of our consciousness. So three keys to understanding are...

a. Human awareness is limited to understanding our own origins and nature
b. Everything that we are aware of is made of consciousness
c. Human consciousness is made of parts

Meet the family
So if each of us is a collection of parts, what are the parts? Are they the same in everyone? How will knowing this help you to deal with problems in life and where does inner peace fit in? Throughout the book I will refer again and again to the parts and develop a clearer picture of each and what it does. I will teach you how to listen to your loved ones and to understand which part of them is speaking to you. You'll also learn how to communicate with each part including your own Higher Self, your own Loved Ones.

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