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Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within

Published by Infinity Publishing, 2007

Your Loved Ones, Your Self, by Wil Langford

Who are your "LOVED ONES?"

Your "Loved Ones," are your Spirit Parents. They are waiting to guide you and help you, but you must contact them first. Learn how to contact them and accept their love and guidance.

Did you know that each human being is made of parts? There are three basic parts to each one's self. The parts of the self are usually hidden. The parts function like a family within us and must learn to communicate. This book is all about those parts and how you can find your own family within and improve that communication. It is also about seeing those parts in others and learning to communicate with them. This informative and educational book is written by a warm-hearted, father, therapist, consciousness explorer and spiritual guide. Wil is the author and originator of Parts Consciousness Therapy (PCT).

After 54 years of spiritual and psychic exploration, Wil Langford has written the sum total of what he has learned about life, its purpose, the different parts of human consciousness that make each person and how those parts work together. Lessons on finding the real meaning of your life, learning to find peace within and to spread that peace throughout the world are included. Using modern science and clues from ancient religions, Wil explains how each person is created by two powerful forces, one maternal and the other paternal, who come together and form each person in a higher domain and project that person, as a subconscious and conscious mind into this world. Using this information and the knowledge that each part is like a member of your inner family, Wil teaches how to communicate with your own parts to find secrets about your hidden desires and emotions. Also included is a section on how to use this information to better communicate with the ones you love.

Wil has drawn upon his studies of Christianity, Siddha Yoga, Integrated Energy Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, as well as his meditation experiences and real life cases of his hypnotherapy clients.

If you or someone you know, a loved one, is sad, lonely, frustrated, frightened, angry, or confused about life and his or her purpose, or the meaning of life, this book can help. It will help him or her to find the hidden parts of his or her own (self) consciousness through secrets cloaked in the Bible, ancient religions, and modern science. Your Loved Ones Your Self will improve self knowledge, relationships, and communication. This is a life-changing book with an inspirational and spiritual message and practical advice written in a personal and gentle style.

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Finding the purpose of life and the meaning of life as well as inner peace is part of the message of "Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within."

This site is copyrighted; Copyright Wil Langford 2007, All Rights Reserved.

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