Your Loved Ones, Your Self

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Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within

Published by Infinity Publishing, 2007


Chapter One
“The Pieces of the Puzzle”
“Then let her die.” - Meet the Family - Meet the Subconscious - Shameful and Unspeakable Acts She Couldn’t Speak About - Meet the Conscious or Rational Mind - Meet the Higher Self

Chapter Two
“:The Evolution of Spiritual Philosophy”
Religion -Huna, An Ancient Religion with Answers to the Secrets of Parts - My Loved Ones in a Cloud - A Synchronistic Meeting Foretold - A Mysterious Shadow - New Thought and Religious Science - Spiritualism - Christianity - Other Religions - The Essenes

Chapter Three
“The Science of Creation”
Light - Waves - The Zero Point Field - The Illusion of a Solid World - Dimensions and Domains - Holograms - The Big Bang - Energetic Beings - The Human Energy Field - Conclusions

Chapter Four
“Back to Parts”
Communication - Two Dreams - Scars or Diplomas

Chapter Five
The Golden Key - Finding Your Purpose - Nature, Mother Earth’s Garden - My Connection With Mother Earth

Chapter Six
Meditation - Hypnosis - Biofeedback - Light and Sound Machines - A Typical Simple Hypnosis Session - Chevreul’s Pendulum - Another Method for Uncovering is Automatic Writing

Chapter Seven
The Hidden God in the Bible, Jesus and His Followers Prayed to - Speaking to Your Loved Ones - The Law of Attraction, Fate or Free Will? - About This “Now” Business - Heaven Here and There, The Kingdom of God is Within - The Resurrection, or Life after Life- The Unseen

Chapter Eight
The Better Angels of Our Nature - Driver’s Ed. - The Family Within the Family - Having a Part to Part Talk - Intelligent Love Consciousness

Chapter Nine
Laws, Wars, and Reform Do Not Work - The Century of Peace - Being Peace - Peace Seeds

Chapter Ten
“Ideology Becomes Biology”
The Path, Ideas, Ideas-Ideals-Ideology - Across the Borders, Steps Toward Peace - Creative Praying - Suggestions for Successful Prayer - Nickel and Dime Your Way to Heaven

Wrapping It Up

Affirmations and Attunement

Love Gratitude Communication Between Couples Healing

A Letter to My Soul

A List of Recommended Books

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